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Victoria & Albert Antiques

If you are looking for your engagement ring in Sydney, the come and visit Victoria & Albert Antique Jewellers.

Conveniently located on the ground floor of The Strand Arcade, Victoria & Albert stock a huge range of exquisite antique and vintage engagement rings.

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Engagement Rings CBD | Sydney

Getting engaged is one of the most special times in a woman's life. In fact for many it's the fulfilment of a childhood dream and the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in the life with your partner.

When it comes to "popping the question" or getting down on bended knee, it is then that traditionally the bride to be is presented with an engagement ring.

Victoria & Albert Antiques Sydney stock a wide selection of antique, art deco, retro and vintage engagement rings.

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We all have our own ways of selecting engagement rings, some buy the ring as a surprise and choose a romantic setting to unveil the treasure ... hoping for a positive response.

Others take the less traditional, and less risky, approach of agreeing to become engaged and shop together to find the engagement ring that suits.

So if buying an engagement ring seems way too daunting, here's a few keys to consider:

  • The Band

    From yellow gold to white gold, silver or even platinum ... the band is the ring that sits around the finger.

  • The Setting

    The way the gemstone is placed into the band. Whether invisible or pronged (like a claw).

  • Gemstone

    Traditionally it's a solitaire diamond (of significant size). But engagement rings come in all manner of precious stones. But for most, I think a diamond is still the preferred option.

  • The 4C's

    Carat, colour, clarity and cut. Talking with your jeweller to understand the variations is important to also assessing the 5th C ... cost.

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The engagement ring is a ring for life. It signifies your commitment to marry and your partner will treasure it.

Choosing the right ring is all about knowing your partners tastes, does she prefer yellow gold or white gold? A solitaire diamond or a cluster?

If this seems all too overwhelming, come in and talk to our staff at Victoria & Albert Antiques.

We've been helping engaged couples for over 20 years and are sure that we can help you too.

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Located in the heart of Sydney's CBD in the Strand Arcade, Victoria & Albert Antiques would love to help you find just the right ring.

Call in to the ground floor, between Pitt Street and George St, Sydney and discover a huge range of stunning rings to suit almost any budget.